How To Always Look Put Together With UNiDAYS

How to Always Look Put Together With UNiDAYS |
How to Always Look Put Together With UNiDAYS |

This post is sponsored by UNiDAYS and Her Campus Media. All opinions are my own.  I feel like there are two things incoming college students worry about: communal bathrooms and how they're going to keep their sh*t together each term. While we figure out the bathroom thing pretty quickly, I don't think anyone ever really feels like they totally have their lives together in college. However, even when you feel like a complete mess, you can at least look a little more together. I personally find that when I'm stressed and life gets hectic, doing things like cleaning my room and putting on a nice outfit actually makes me feel way better.

PSA: You don't have to pretend like everything is going great in college. Having the perfect outfits and looking good all the time means nothing if you're truly hurting inside. This is just one of a few places to start if you're interested in getting more organized in life.

As a Sophomore, I've been committed to having fewer bummy days because I realized how much my mood improves when I wear an outfit I feel confident in. This means slowly replacing those old so-so clothes with nicer ones. But who really has that replace-my-entire-wardrobe money? A huge reason I've been able to grow my closet on a college budget is because of UNiDAYS. If you haven't heard of it, UNiDAYS is a free service for college students to find exclusive discounts for name brand stores (Urban Outfitters, Adidas, Bed Bath and Beyond, and more). You can get everything you need to look like your life is together while sticking to your college budget. Whenever I go shopping, their website is the first place I hit up to see what deals are going on.

How to Always Look Put Together With UNiDAYS |
How to Always Look Put Together With UNiDAYS |

Simple Ways to Look More Put Together

Step up your athleisure game

You don't always have to choose between style and comfort. It's super easy to dress up sportswear and make it fashionable. Get creative with your looks and try new pairings like some fancy leggings and bomber jackets or sweats and heels. Most activewear stores have what I call "crossover clothes" like tennis shoes and shirts that can be worn in and outside of the gym. I would search for those if you're trying to get an athletic street style going on a budget (athletic clothes can get quite expensive so at least you can both work out and go to class with these clothes).

Invest in staple items

If there's something you're always wearing, make sure it looks good. As a student, my backpack is always a part of my outfits so I had to get a high quality one that matched my style. I was able to get this classic leather backpack from Moleskine because of UNiDAYS.  They offer a 15% discount on their products (so I'd definitely go cop one of their notebooks too). So far, this is one of my favorite things I've been able to get through UNiDAYS. Moleskine's backpacks immediately caught my eye because they're simple but more fashionable than your typical Jansport backpack. It fits everything I need even though it's a single-pocket backpack.

Have go-to looks

On days that you roll out of bed 20 minutes before class, have a set of cute go-to outfits in mind that you can choose from quickly. This will help you avoid those bummy days.

Sunglasses that kill

For me, there's nothing like completing an outfit with an icy pair of dark sunglasses. You can walk around campus looking and feeling like you're on a runway. And you can whip them off in a dramatic fashion whenever you enter a room. That will have you looking like you're on top of things.

Stop buying lazy clothes

If you want to start dressing better, start buying better. I'm sure you have enough hoodies and athletic shorts, don't reach for them at the mall anymore. Slowly start phasing out those low-quality clothes so that your closet isn't filled with them. Having just a few t-shirts and shorts that are meant to be house clothes will keep you from reaching for them first when you're getting dressed. Then, you should start buying clothes that areonly going to add to your fashion wardrobe and not your pajama drawer.

Don't pay full price for stuff when you don't have to! All you need is your .edu email to sign up on UNiDAYS and you'll be ready to shop for the outfits that will have you feeling like the hbic all over campus...