Issa February Mood: Building Your Creative Confidence

Building Your Creative Confidence

Creativity is all about having the confidence and courage to show the world what you're made of, the way you see things, and your grand ideas.

Confidence is everything, and it's what you should be focusing on building this month. If you want 2018 to be about taking your brand to the next level and being exposed to new kinds of opportunities, your nerve and faith in yourself will take you very far in those efforts. Let's set the tone for the rest of this year and start creating more confidently!

How You Can Build Your Confidence

Spend time creating for your eyes only

It's so easy to lose confidence in your creative voice when your only way of measuring it is based off of the validation you get from the social media platforms that are constantly manipulating your content. You may hear this often, but it's now more important than ever to keep in mind that what you create is beautiful, valid, and important whether it gets 10 or 10,000 likes. Your work is all those things because you think it is and because you created from an authentic place.

Content creator, artist, or whatever your title is, make sure you pull away from the public eye sometimes and create from your core–just for your own pleasure. Learn to be proud of what you produce whether or not someone is there to corroborate the quality of your work. Shift your mindset from "I want to create this to get more likes and retweets" to "I created this for me, and now I'm ready to share it with the world." Not only will this help you to sustain your authenticity when it does come time for you to create for an audience, but you will also get over the fear of imperfection that often keeps creators from growing.

Take yourself more seriously

Even if you just started your blog yesterday, I still expect you to tell people something like "I'm a lifestyle blogger with a growing platform that speaks to an audience of young and ambitious creatives." And say it with your chest!

If you're starting your own freelance design firm, it doesn't matter if you've never had a client. Build a professional looking website and promote yourself everywhere. You'll never get someone to have confidence in you and become that first, second, and third client if you never show confidence in yourself.

Never downplay your abilities or what you're growing towards because you're shy, overly humble, or afraid that you won't live up to those expectations. Be your own biggest fan first. You will be so surprised by how many people will be attracted to you simply because of your professionalism, confidence, and how much you believe in your own vision. Once you start taking yourself seriously, other people will too. And you'll get those better opportunities to show people what you can really do.

Go for more of the things you're afraid of

Everything you want is on the other side of fear. It is soimportant to push yourself past what is comfortable so that you are capable of more. If you get the chance to do something you've never done before, stop imagining all the ways things could go wrong. Instead,  imagine all the opportunities for growth and to learn something new. That's how you become better, how you become an expert, and how you become able to confidently speak to your abilities.

So tell me, what is one way you're building your creative confidence this month?