Studio Stories: Instagram Story Templates with Blondes & Bagels

Design Stories: Instagram Story Templates with Blondes & Bagels
Design Stories: Instagram Story Templates with Blondes & Bagels

Instagram stories are becoming the new thing for creators and regular people alike.And while at first I was skeptical (former loyal Snapchat user here), I've fallen in love with the stolen feature. Instagram stories offers another creative channel that encourages you to connect with your network of followers and friends. As a content creator, an opportunity like that is a godsend.

So when Kelsey from Blondes & Bagels reached out to me to create Instagram templates for when she had new blog posts, I was all for it. Branded graphics for social media are great for creating that cohesive brand experience across all platforms. Blogging doesn't just happen on your website anymore!

Kelsey's brand style is classy yet edgy, balancing elegant fonts with modern details and cold, desaturated tones. I had previously worked with her for some graphics in a blog post, so I didn't have to spend too long understanding her brand's look and feel. I created 4 blog post templates using the brand elements she loves: marble, black, white, and a hint of blush pink.

Her content spans everything having to do with life–beauty, style, travel, wellness, blogging, and more–so I needed to create templates that would be adaptable to all these categories. I created two different graphics that feature images because she takes really high quality pictures for her posts. The ombré looking marble graphic is for posts that may not use styled photography, like when she gives advice about blogging. And the last graphic allows her to promote the posts that may use a gallery of images, such as travel diaries or product features.

I loved creating these and working with Kelsey! She is so sweet and enthusiastic, and that made me even more excited to create designs she loves.

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