Studio Stories: Logos with To You, From A

Logos with To You, From A |
Logos with To You, From A |

Let's talk logos!

The first thing you'll read when someone is talking about branding is that a brand is not just a logo or fancy packaging. And that's totally true...but I do love a good logo. A brand's aesthetic can draw you in and make you want to learn more about it–and if the message behind the brand resonates, you're sold. So it is quite important to create a brand style that's reflective of the brand itself. That style is usually the first thing a person interacts with, and an effective design can entice the right audience.

When I started working with Ams from To You, From A, she was just starting the process of upgrading and refreshing her brand. Her first order of business? Get a shiny new set of logos. It only took a few minutes of looking through her blog to see how strong her brand presence already was. Ams just needed a look that matched it. I worked with Ams to bring her vision to life this month.

To You, From A is for the millennial woman making her way to success in the professional world. Ams, a 20-something corporate cutie, shares advice and tools to help you land the job you want and achieve greatness in your career and life.

I created a full logo set for To You, From A–a primary logo, submarks, icons, wordmark, and signature–so that Ams could display her brand across her blog and social media platforms. We kept the already existing color palette, which is the perfect combination of shades to create a business chic vibe. Ams wanted a minimal, classy, and feminine design to match her blog's content and purpose. We mixed Didot, a very elegant serif font, with Shutterstone, a flirty and feminine cursive font to create the primary logo and submarks. The pink icon and signature draw from another cursive font called Reading which is a little more "decorated". Together, we refined the designs until they were perfectly aligned with To You, From A's brand and Ams's vision.

The end result: magic.

By the time we had to choose between edits, we had both fallen in love with multiple designs and it was difficult to just pick one or two. Ams even had to enlist the help of friends and family to make a decision in some cases. Below is the official set of logos that Ams decided on!

Ams was amazing to work with. It was truly a collaborative process, and I loved being able to create something that she really loved.

"I loved working with Lola, from the very beginning I liked her professionalism and her work spoke for itself...I felt super comfortable bouncing off my ideas with her and she ended up creating what I wanted and more. I had an idea in mind and she took what I wanted and turned it into something even better." -Ams

Logo Package for To You, From A |
Logo Package for To You, From A |

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