A Guide to Buying the Coziest Sheets For Your Dorm (review included!)

Bedding is easily the most important thing to consider when decorating your dorm. It’s often the focal point of such a tiny room and the place where you go to relax and catch up on sleep. When shopping for your bed, you want to consider both style and comfort.

A lot of people don’t think too hard about their bedsheets, but they’re actually a foundational layer that’s key to your comfort. Picking the right sheets can take your bed from eh to aaah in seconds. They’re just as important as your mattress topper or plush blanket because they’re coming directly in contact with your skin. You really want to invest in a nice set of sheets that will last long.

It’s not always easy to find the right ones with all the confusing terminology and the huge assortment of sheets you have to choose from. I decided to write up a guide that will help you find the best sheets for your bed so you can sleep well and fashionably.

Therapedic also reached out to me to review their new line of sheet sets. I’ll be talking about them and my experience with their sheets below as well!

*If you’d like to know more about my collaborations with brands, check out my disclosure here.

How to Find the Perfect Sheets

How to Buy the Right Sheets for Your Dorm | lolaadewuya.com

terms you need to understand

Thread Count

“Thread count” refers to the number of threads in a square inch of fabric. You’ve probably heard that the higher the thread count, the nicer and softer the sheets. This is generally true but not always. Depending on the material, a higher thread count can actually result in a stiffer sheet. A fancier material with a lower thread count will still feel nicer than a low-quality cotton sheet with a high count. In any case, you don’t need to stress about this. A sheet within a range of 300-450 that’s made of nice material will be very comfortable.


Cotton is the most popular material used for sheets because of their ability to work well in both cold and hot climates. They come in many different types and that’s what creates the different textures (crisp to soft).

Linen sheets are very good for absorbing sweat and work well in heat. This high-quality material lasts very long and is usually on the pricier side. They do wrinkle very easily so if you don’t like that look you’ll have to iron quite frequently.

Satin sheets have a shiny look to it and a silky feel. People are now using satin for pillowcases because they’re great for hair (especially kinky/curly hair). I personally wouldn’t recommend satin for the fitted and flat sheets, though. They can get very hot and slippery at night.


The weave of your sheets is a lot more up to preference than quality. This is where you decide if you want it to be crisp, soft, or super cozy. Percale is going to be your go-to crisp sheet which has tightly woven threads. A popular soft sheet would be cotton sateen or the more expensive Egyptian cotton and Pima cotton. The coziest is known to be jersey/t-shirt sheets. Those are your extra soft and extra warm sheets. Flannel is also a great option for colder climates.


This refers to how your sheet stretches over the mattress. Depth is particularly important for college students because we usually add an additional 2-3 inches to our mattresses with toppers. A normal Twin XL sheet might not fit around this. You’ll want a fitted sheet that’s either Deep (up to 15 inches) or Extra Deep (16-22 inches).

let’s shop!

Now that you know all the terminology, it’s time to head to the store. There are so many places that carry sheet sets, but I’m going to use Bed, Bath, and Beyond as an example because they are very detailed with their descriptions. Head to the “sheets” section and check out what they have. If you’ve already figured out what you’d want, narrow down your search with the tools on the side. Even after doing this, you might find you still have a lot of choices. At this point it’s up to other factors like price and color.

Some of these sheets will look pricey, but they are absolutely worth the investment. If you think about it, you’ve probably had the same sets of sheets in your house for years. If you buy a really good quality set, you won’t have to buy another while you’re in college. This is going to reduce costs as you change other dorm decor over the years. 

Therapedic Sheet Set

How to Find the Perfect Sheet Set (Therapedic Review) | macaronsinthemorning.com

So, let’s talk about the sheet set I got to try! These sheets are being exclusively sold at Bed, Bath, and Beyond right now. They’re part of this year’s Back to College collection and being sold with a number of other bedding products to make students feel more at home in college.


-Price set at $50

-Includes 1 pillowcase, 1 fitted sheet, 1 flat sheet,

-450 thread count

-100% Cotton (Sateen)

-18″ depth



If you learned anything from what I just said above, you know that these sheets are ah-mazing just by looking at the details. I was so excited to try out and talk about this sheet set because I think this type is the gold standard for a college student.

Therapedic 450-thread count Sheet Set | macaronsinthemorning.com

I got the color in mineral blue, which is the top one on the stack. In person it’s a pale seafoam blue. I really like the shade and it works well with the gray and blue theme that I’m going for Sophomore year.

The sheets feel really nice and serve as the happy medium between the too crisp feeling of Percale and the too soft feeling of jersey knit. At the touch, it’s very cool, smooth, and has just a hint of silkiness to make it feel and look more luxurious.

Therapedic also uses what they call “TheraFit® Technology” on their fitted sheets. It’s a wide elastic band placed along all the edges of the sheet. This makes it fit much better around the mattress and doesn’t slip off as easily as some do. Since I’ve been using it, I’ve had no slippage or shifting even as my topper moves around a lot underneath.


The two drawbacks I found have been small. When I first opened it there were many flyaway threads on the sheets that I had to brush off, and one corner of the fitted sheet had a snagged thread coming out that I actually had to cut.

The fitted sheet was also supposed to have two buttons that connect to the flat sheet so they both stay put. I couldn’t find the buttons anywhere on my sheet. I even made my mom look for them. Then I thought that maybe we were supposed to sew on the buttons ourselves or something. I contacted the manufacturer to see what was going on and we figured out that my sheets somehow didn’t get the buttons. Normally, they would be along the inside of the fitted sheet so you can attach your flat sheet to it.

Final Thoughts

For the pretty minor problems I had, I’m giving these sheets an A- and my full approval if you’re thinking about buying this. I hope the shopping tips and this review have helped you a little more in your quest to build the perfect dorm this year!

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