I'm Lola, the creative mind behind this studio.

I'm a 20-year-old designer, writer, and a junior at Dartmouth. You can find me taking a nap, talking about how good Black Mirror is, or begging my friends to take photos of me for my nonexistent modeling portfolio.

I created this studio to be a destination for visionaries, creatives, and future icons to take the next step in manifesting their dreams. I take visions and turn them into brands that are both visually and emotionally engaging to leave lasting impressions on the right audiences. During the creation process, I capture the essence of your brand by placing you at the center of it. I believe that your unique voice is where your brand draws its excellence.

Here, you can find out more about my branding services as well as read my blog, where I highlight young creatives and entrepreneurs that I find inspiring, rant about the status of the creative world, and share life tips that I pick up along the way. 

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